Blue Arrow Berry pursues DTI

LONDON firm Gordon Dadds is to make an application for costs on behalf of its client Tony Berry, former chairman of Blue Arrow, against the Department of Trade and Industry following the DTI's decision to drop the disqualification proceedings last week.

The DTI has said that each side should bear its own costs, says the firm.

The question of whether Berry will sue the DTI has not been ruled out, but his solicitor Hugh Elder, Gordon Dadds litigation partner, says: “We will take one thing at a time.”

It is estimated that Berry has had to foot total legal bills of around a u1 million for work during the DTI report in 1992 and the recent proceedings to ban him from being a company director. He gave oral eveidence to the DTI on 13 separate occasions, with 400 pages of written submissions.

Berry, speaking on the steps of the High Court last week, said the case had affected his ability to earn a living.

The DTI report, by appointed inspectors Hilary Heilbron QC and Michael Boohan, criticised Berry for making a land deal with entrepreneur Peter de Savary without full board authority.

Speechly Bircham has been heavily involved in the merger between Arthur Andersen and much of BDO Binder Hamlyn.

After the BDO Binder Hamlyn partnership ceased to practice on 1 October, the regional offices that were not part of the move entered new alliances with other firms.

Speechlys advised seven of the regional firms. One links up with Grant Thornton and the others join Stoy Hayward, which became part of the BDO International network under the name BDO Stoy Hayward.