Box never’s head of legal David Hickson was rather baffled when one delegate came up to him one evening and asked him out for a fight? As far as he was aware, as he later claimed to Tulkinghorn, who was idling in the bar, he had done nothing to deserve such a request. Nevertheless, the undaunted would-be assailant repeated: “Do you want a fight?”

By now, incredulous that a complete stranger at a legal conference would wish to fight him, Hickson asked what on earth he was talking about.

“Well, I do white collar boxing,” replied the charming stranger. A sympathetic Tulkinghorn’s response on hearing of the charming Mr Hickson’s dilemma can be summed up in one word – twat. To be more accurate, as the gentleman in question is believed to bear a double-barrelled name, the exact response was “twat-twat”. And lo! Henceforth shall he be known within these walls by this moniker.