Litigation Writs 25/11/97

The company that owns a fishing trawler whose equipment became entangled with a North Sea oil pipeline is being sued for damages of more than £117,000. The writ claims that the Maggie M's trawling gear snagged on the pipeline in the North Sea early on 29 April 1992, that the crew spent more than three hours manoeuvring the vessel in an unsuccessful bid to recover the snagged trawler gear, and that the pipeline was damaged as a result. The repair costs totalled £117,756, according to the writ. The pipeline owners Agip (UK), Fina Exploration, British Gas Exploration and Production, Lasmo North Sea, Murphy Petroleum, and LL and E (UK) Inc, who trade as the T-Block Consortium are suing trawler owner Mainprize Trawling Co of Whitby, North Yorkshire. The writ accuses the company of negligence, alleging it should have been aware of various warnings notifying mariners of the existence of the pipeline, and failed to keep clear of the area.

Writ issued by Sinclair Roche & Temperley.

A Twickenham man whose health suffered after he was exposed to asbestos at work has launched a damages claim. Robert Williams has issued a writ against Morton International of Hounslow claiming that their negligence re sulted in his exposure to, and inhalation of, asbestos dust and fibres between 1977 and 1978. Writ issued by Levinson Gray.

Reuters is being sued for damages for breach of employment contract. Raymond Albany of Corringham, Essex, has issued a writ claiming damages. Albany is also suing Unum of Dorking, formerly known as NEL Permanent Health Insurances, for an indemnity and damages for breach of an insurance contract entered into in February 1986 and then renewed between him, Unum, and Reuters.

Writ issued by Bolt Burdon.

John Laing Construction, trading as EPL Plant and Access Hire, of Page Street, London, is suing John and Barbara Dyke of Walsall, for delivery up of all plant and asso ciated equipment detained by them in February. The writ also seeks damages for wrongful detention of the equipment, worth £85,000, or damages for unlawful interference with it, and an injunction restraining the Dykes from selling or disposing of the equipment, painting, damaging or defacing it. Writ issued by Jeffrey Green Russell.