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UK Supreme Court offers lessons for landlords of multi-tenanted buildings in Cayman

In the UK, it is common for mutual-enforceability covenants (the nature of such covenants is explained below) to be found in the leases of flats located in apartment blocks. The enforcement of such a covenant was considered by the UK Supreme Court in Duval v 11-13 Randolph Crescent Ltd [2020] UKSC 18. While such mutual-enforceability covenants are (to the best of the author’s knowledge) not used in the Cayman Islands, the decision offers important lessons about leasehold obligations, especially where the same landlord enters into leases with multiple tenants in the same building.

Cayman injunctions in aid of foreign proceedings

Where a potential judgment debtor in “onshore” proceedings threatens to dissipate its assets, the plaintiff may face a Pyrrhic victory with no assets against which to enforce its judgment. Where the defendant is a Cayman company or has assets in Cayman, the Cayman Court has a statutory jurisdiction to grant a freezing injunction in aid of those foreign proceedings, which can extend to the worldwide assets of the defendant.


Paying the price for a lack of leadership

The Bar’s response to Lord Irvine’s attack on the civil legal aid scheme recommending the closer monitoring of costs in long-running criminal cases and the extension of graduated fees seems a sensible solution. However, observers are entitled to ask why these steps were not taken before now. Neither the Bar nor the Law Society have […]

Mckennas launches Hansa Law Group

Cameron McKenna has relaunched its north European alliance under the banner The Hansa Law Group. The alliance was set up on an informal basis two years ago and has since brought together firms from most countries bordering the Baltic Sea. Berning Schluter Hald in Copenhagen and Tisell & Co in Sweden were founding members, but […]

In brief: Bar reviews 'fat-cat barrister' costs

The Bar is urgently drafting proposals for slashing costs in high-cost cases, in the wake of the Lord Chancellor, Lord Irvine’s public attack on “fat-cat barristers” and his legal aid proposals.

In brief: Llewelyn Zeitman

In our story on Llewelyn Zeitman (11 November) we stated that three partners left Denton Hall to go to Llewelyn Zeitman. Denton Hall has asked us to point out that only one of those leaving, James Irvine, was a partner. Gerard Cronin was an assistant and Miles Laddie was a consultant. Ian MacDonald was never […]

Why firms should not fear the package deal

At the International Bar Association conference in New Delhi, Chris Arnheim discussed the threat posed by accountancy firms. Here, The Lawyer prints edited extracts from his speech. Chris Arnheim is a founding partner of Arnheim & Co. As I wandered round the International Bar Association conference I heard a great deal of concern about the […]

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