The art of moving offices

Macfarlanes has revealed it is moving into a shiny new office at the end of May. Well, sort of. Most staff, including lawyers, will actually remain in the ageing Norwich Street buildings.

The new premises, just around the corner on Cursitor Street, will house meeting rooms and catering facilities, allowing Macfarlanes to present a more polished image to the world.

Good news for clients – but perhaps not for aficionados of modern art. The move could spell the end for an award-winning art installation that stands outside the existing meeting rooms.

The unusual piece is a wall covered in random trinkets, from beer bottle lids to a toy helicopter, each one representing an aspect of life at the firm – although what a tiny jawbone with ‘Old Mother Hubbard’ inscribed underneath says about Macfarlanes is anyone’s guess.

Can the firm possibly maintain such high artistic standards in its new facade?