Edwin Coe man wins top spot at litigation authority

Edwin Coe partner David Greene has been voted in as the new president of the London Solicitors Litigation Association (LSLA).

Greene, who was the vice-president of the LSLA and a member for 18 years, takes over from Clifford Chance partner Simon Davis.

Greene, who is representing Northern Rock shareholders, said he hopes he can live up to Davis and other past presidents such as Lovells partner Graham Huntley when it comes to elevating the status of the LSLA.

“Litigation has changed substantially over the past 10 years and the LSLA’s involvement in those changes has increased over that time,” he said. “A case in point is our participation with the Commercial Court working party where two of our committee were on the party.”

Greene wants to see the LSLA sustaining a strong level of involvement in any future reforms. The Edwin Coe litigation head said: “Costs remain an issue with third party litigation funders coming into the market, for instance, and I believe the LSLA can assist with the debate.”