Going for a song

Tulkinghorn likes nothing better than warbling the odd parlour song with his good lady wife, so he was delighted to see that singing is the new, erm, rock 'n' roll in law firms. Why, some of Tulkinghorn's scribes have even introduced the City's finest to a certain karaoke bar in Soho, with predictable results.

Tulkinghorn can only applaud this attempt to bring close-harmony singing to the legal profession, but feels some lawyers may be taking it a little far.

At the end of a particularly tuneful (and well-lubricated) session recently, a thrusting Norton Rose partner got into a discussion with the barstaff about some of the licensing problems they were having in opening a second bar near the Embankment. “Tell you what,” slurred the partner, “here's the deal: if I get my firm to sort out your licensing problems pro bono, I get free access to the bar for ever and ever.” Oddly, the barstaff declined the offer.