5 Fountain Court links up in Spain

Birmingham super-set 5 Fountain Court has launched an association with a Spanish firm, making it only the second regional chambers to establish a permanent overseas home.

The set, also known as No 5, has finalised an association with De Cotta Mckenna & Santafe, which has offices in Malaga and Madrid and handles a mix of commercial, marine, aviation, personal injury and land law.

Taunton-headquartered ADR Chambers is the only other regional set to expand overseas and has several offices outside the UK.

The bulk of work referred to No 5 relates to trusts, matrimonial, inheritance and property disputes on behalf of ex-patriots. The main contact between the firm and set is Edward Grant, an associate tenant at No 5, who is based at the Spanish firm.

No 5 is currently talking to the Bar Council about how it can market its new alliance. It is also one of very few regional sets to be building an offshore practice.