Jargon busting

I read your editorial in the 11 March issue with great interest. In it you urge high street lawyers to take "a long, hard look at their practices".

I would respectfully suggest that a good starting point for most high street lawyers might be for them to drastically alter how they communicate with their clients. People do not need to be bombarded with complex, jargon-ridden letters in order to be convinced they are getting value for money. Lawyers should not patronise their clients, who know that they are paying for years of professional training and not a simple two-line letter!

Such a change in style might achieve two objectives. The first is that if clients can understand the language their lawyers use, they may consult thern more often. It could also mean I receive fewer letters from people who cannot understand what their lawyers are trying to say.

I look forward to such a day dawning, as everyone will gain – the high street lawyers, their clients and my local postal workers.

Chrissie Maher

Plain English Campain