Shaping up for the future

With many highly regarded juniors having taken silk in recent years, opinion among leading solicitors is divided over whether or not there is a shortage of outstanding juniors. However, the consensus is that, given time, the next wave of juniors will soon make its mark.

Adrian Whitfield QC's set at 3 Serjeants' Inn has a number of juniors who have caught the attention of lawyers. These include Adrian Hopkins who is described as “almost perfect”, James Watson “who is one of up and coming barristers in the medical negligence field”, Mary O'Rourke, Fiona Neale, Angus Moon, George Hugh-Jones, Jonathan Holl-Allen, John Beggs, Michael Horne and Christopher Johnston.

Another chambers with good up-and-coming junior barristers is Kieran Coonan QC's set at 6 Pump Court where most of the juniors – Siobhan Goodrich, Dr Simon Taylor, Jon Williams, David Morris, Andrew Hockton, Susan Burden, Christina Lambert and Andrew Kennedy, and the more junior Rosamund Oddie and Annalissa Garrett – are praised for their understanding of medical negligence. “Because of that, these juniors are certainly all good at dealing with medical experts. And they are all excellent with clients which, with medical negligence, is vital.”

At No. 1 Serjeants' Inn, senior junior John Ross, according to one leading practitioner, is “just as good as any silk if not better”, and the more junior Karen Rea and Simon Readhead have also been noted. Another senior junior who has impressed is Margaret Bickford-Smith at 22 Old Buildings who “is particularly good for interlocutory matters and her pleadings are extremely thorough”.

At 12 King's Bench Walk, Frank Burton is “sympathetic in conference and good in court” and Allan Gore is also “good in court , as well as good at advising on the law”. Other impressive juniors at this set are Iain Goldrein, Margaret De Haas, Nigel Lewers, and the more junior William Featherby, who is “a brilliant cross examiner”.

And at 2 Harcourt Buildings, senior juniors in demand include Jonathan Harvey, James Palmer and Roger Eastman, as are Daniel Pearce-Higgins and Stephen Archer at 2 Temple Gardens. Others singled out at this set are Jeremy Stuart-Smith and Susan Rodway.

For medical negligence cases, Stephen Irwin at Doughty Street chambers is highly recommended. Also recommended at the same set are the more junior Robin Oppenheim and Michael Ford and the more senior junior Oliver Thorold.

Another junior mentioned a number of times is Jane Mishcon at 4 Paper Buildings, headed by Harvey McGregor QC; Christina Gorna and Richard Ough at the same set are also singled out.

And at Devereux Chambers, Robert Glancy, Ruth Downing, Stephen Killalea and Bruce Carr all rate honourable mentions, as does David Gerrey at 9 Gough Square, and at the same set, John Foy is said to be “close to taking silk”.

The “underrated” Charles Brown at 39 Essex Street is noted, as are Bruce McIntyre, William Lowe and Richard Craven at 1 Plowden Building.

Others tipped as counsel to watch are 1 Crown Office Row senior juniors Margaret Bowron, who “is noted for acting for either plaintiffs or defendants”, and Sally Smith. Also receiving praise at the same set are David Hart, William Edis, the “very good” Paul Rees, Angus McCullough and David Evans. Next door at 2 Crown Office Row, headed by Rupert Jackson QC, Sue Carr is seen as “likely to go a long way”.

Andrew Spink at 35 Essex Street has been noted. Nearby at 39 Essex Street, headed by Colin Mackay QC, Neil Block is singled out for mention.

Another highly rated senior junior is Jane Tracy Forster at 13 King's Bench Walk. at 4 Pump Court Oliver Ticciati is “very bright” and “easy to work with, experienced and has his feet on the ground”.

At 9 Bedford Row, headed by Stephen Coward QC, Simeon Maskrey and Julian Matthews have made a good impression, as has Charles Lewis at Old Square Chambers.

At One Paper Buildings, Gordon Catford is singled out for medical negligence and newcomer Dr Margaret Branthwaite, who requalified having once been a surgeon, is “very good”. Michael McParland and Tejina Mangat are picked out at New Court Chambers.