Litigation Writs 25/06/96

Boatyard workshop owner Kenneth Latham, who was injured tackling a blaze in 1994, has launched a High Court action against one of his workers, Kevin Dixon, who was repairing his car in the workshop. The writ says while using an oxy-acetylene torch, Dixon set fire to the car and the fire spread through the boatyard to the neighbouring boatyard, causing over £435,000 damage.

Writ issued by Steele & Raymond, Bournemouth.

Sandra Prewett, of Mansfield, who claims she was assaulted during medical treatment, is seeking compensation from Central North Healthcare NHS Trust. Her writ claims she suffered injuries due to negligence, breach of duty and assault during treatment at her home and at Hetherdene Resource Centre, Mansfield.

Writ issued by Parlett Kent, London. P32

Anthony Winnicott and Hazel North, of Portsmouth, are suing the Ministry of Defence and Portsmouth City Council for damages over "toxic and noxious substances" which they say the MoD dumped near their homes.

Writ issued by Stone Rowe Brewer, Twickenham.

A Scunthorpe widow whose husband died in an accident at work is suing British Steel. Amanda Hughes blames British Steel for what happened to her husband, Philip, who died on 19 October, 1994, in an accident at the Immingham bulk terminal, Humberside.

Writ issued by Stathams, Southampton.

Poole woman Giani Owen, injured in a riding accident in April 1993, is suing Stocks Farm Equestrian Centre, of West Parley, Dorset, for damages. Her writ says the accident happened while she was a pupil at the centre and alleges negligence, breach of statutory duty and breach of duty under the Occupiers Liability Act 1957 on the part of the centre.

Writ issued by Brown & Vautier, Frome, Somerset.

Bradford & Bingley building society is suing the Official Receiver for negligence and breach of duty over alleged failure to register the bankruptcy order of Richard Henry Rance, made at Bristol County Court. The society says it lent money to Rance for the security of a house in Taunton, on 11 October 1989, when he was still undischarged from the bankruptcy proceedings in 1977.

Writ was issued by Hammond Suddards, Leeds. B519