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Swiss Federal Supreme Court follows the practice of EPO’s Board of Appeal on singling out

In a recent decision (4A_613/2019, 11 May 2020), the Swiss Federal Supreme Court (Supreme Court) followed the practice of the Board of Appeal of the European Patent Office (EPO) as it held that the singling out of single features from two separate lists of features and therefore the combination of these  two specific features constitutes an extension of the subject-matter of the patent application leading to its nullity.

Recent Commercial Court decision highlights the importance of strict compliance with claim notification provisions in share and business sale and purchase agreements

In a recently delivered decision, Dodika Limited & Others v. United Luck Group Holdings Limited [2020] EWHC 2101 (Comm), Mr Peter MacDonald Eggers QC (sitting as a Deputy Judge of the Commercial Court) has ruled that a notice of claim under a tax covenant contained in a share sale and purchase agreement (SPA) failed to comply with the requirements of the claim notification provisions in the SPA. As a result, a sum of USD 50 million held in escrow was liable to be released to the SPA sellers.

Cyber security: Proactivity vs reactivity

Worried about the rise in cyber crime? Peter Yapp explains to Counter Terror Business Magazine how to “expect the unexpected” and get proactive when it comes to cyber security.



The Lawyer Inquiry: Matthew Joynes

Matthew Joynes was born in Kent on 6 November 1967. He now lives in London and is company lawyer at publishers Northern and Shell. What was your first job? Ice cream salesman. What was your first ever salary as a lawyer? £3,000. What would you have done if you hadn’t become a lawyer? Something artistic, […]

Ahead in the regions

According to a number of practitioners, the regional PI and medical negligence Bar is “as good as anyone can find and solicitors sometimes come from London for high quality counsel”. The advantage for instructing solicitors is that the local Bar is “just around the corner”. Lawyers are looking for counsel who specialise rather than dabble […]

Leaders of the premier division

Leading solicitors are looking for barristers who can get to grips with medical terminology and have a good bedside manner. The following are considered to have those qualities. This list is not exhaustive and is based on the subjective recommendations of leading PI and medical negligence practitioners. One of the silks mentioned most frequently is […]

Woman's nightmare trapped in man's body

The legal rights of transsexuals will loom large in the courts after applications for judicial review were granted in two separate actions. In one, a 30-year-old man is seeking judicial review of Gloucestershire Health Authority’s refusal to provide NHS funding for gender reassignment surgery; in the other, a 26-year-old man is challenging the right of […]


NI practice takes action to boost hourly rates

Belfast firm O’Reilly Stewart is this week campaigning to improve the hourly rate paid to Northern Ireland solicitors. Peter Smith QC will represent the firm in front of the Taxing Master, Christopher Napier, in a hearing of objections being held on Monday and Tuesday. The claim refers to fees for a senior partner from O’Reilly […]

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