It's been a good week for

Journalists, after Mr Justice Jacobs' High Court ruling that Punch magazine (above) did not have to reveal its sources to The Mirror newspaper. The Mirror took Punch to court in order to obtain leaked documents which revealed the paper's attitudes towards women and its financial performance. Punch was awarded £9,000 in costs.

Birdman Richard Geiger. The 58-year-old came second in 1998's birdman of Eastbourne contest, beaten by a man who contravened competition rules with a "kind of parachute". Geiger, whose 14ft homemade "flying wing with reflex section" took him more than 42ft off the end of Eastbourne pier into the sea, had the decision overruled by Bromley County Court, receiving £1,215 in prize money and compensation, and the ranking of first place in the "serious" category.

Prosecutors, who may be given powers of appeal following the Lord Chief Justice, Lord Woolf's, call for a change in the court system. Lord Woolf is calling for a "more balanced approach" to the system, which has been accused of bias in favour of defendants following a recent glut of halted trials.

Sir Jonathan Mance and Dame Mary Arden, who become the first married couple to sit on the Court of Appeal. Arden joins her husband, who was appointed last year, and becomes the second woman in the court beside Dame Brenda Hale.