Withers joins Mackenzies

CITY Italian specialists Mackenzie Mills has merged with its larger neighbour Withers in a bid to maintain its grip on its niche field.

The merger under the Withers banner marks the end of a 13-year run for the firm set up by its senior partner David Mills.

The new expanded practice at the Withers premises in Gough Square will come into being on 1 October and will have 37 partners and employ around 200 staff.

Mills says he had been looking for a larger firm to join since last summer and was attracted to Withers because of its strong private client department.

“The private client aspect suits us because although we're not a private client firm we deal with many entrepreneurs who are used to being dealt with on a private client basis.”

He puts the move down to the need to fight off stiff competition for the firm's Italian work.

Margaret Robertson, head of litigation at Withers, says the expansion has fulfilled at a stroke corporate and litigation development objectives set down more than three years ago.