It's been a good week for…

Puff Daddy, the US rap star, who has recruited Johnnie Cochran to his defence team. Cochran, who famously proved the innocence of OJ Simpson, will be hoping to work the same magic on behalf of Daddy, who faces 15 years in jail for illegal possession of a weapon. Daddy and his girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez, were arrested after allegedly fleeing the scene of a shooting and running 11 red lights.

The children of unmarried fathers or those living with step-parents or grandparents. Unlike their schoolmates who face being legally beaten, or smacked as the Government prefers to call it, proposals that only natural parents should be allowed to raise a hand to children means that they can enjoy immunity from a clip round the ear.

Peter Deacon, who has been called a "great institution" by none other than Lord Bingham (above). The Lord Chief Justice and some of his neighbours in Chelsea lobbied the local council to allow Deacon to hand over his street trading licence for his newspaper kiosk to his assistant. Normally, traders are only allowed to hand on licences to a relative. Lord Bingham said: "I have used the booth for about 25 years and Peter was the second friendly face I saw in the morning." His lordship did not make clear whose was the first.