Yahoo! acquitted over Nazi content as case moves to US

Yahoo!'s three-year legal struggle in France may finally be over as former boss Timothy Koogle has been acquitted by a French court of justifying war crimes and crimes against humanity by selling Nazi memorabilia on its auction sites

A separate case rumbles on in California as Yahoo! seeks to challenge the jurisdiction of a French court that ordered the company to prevent French users accessing items of Nazi memorabilia on its US site.

The original action was brought by France's Union of Jewish Students and the International Anti-Racism and Anti-Semitism League. Yahoo! removed the offending items but claimed the action was not linked to the French court decision and moved the case to the US.

Angered by this attitude, the Association of Auschwitz Deportees sought to find Koogle personally liable. The case has now floundered but the association's lawyer Charles Korman of Korman Mandell & Henass said: “We are surprised by the decision and are considering an appeal.”