Who needs law when you've got ice-cream?

Tulkinghorn has recently been taking great pleasure in his quieter moments dipping into a book written by former RadcliffesLeBrasseur lawyer Arturo Barone. Entitled Italians First!, it is an A-Z of everything that has been achieved first by Italians.

The Italians lay claim to all number of fascinating firsts, including the first coffee house in the Western world, the first to invent ice-cream and the having the world's first criminal association (no prizes for guessing what it's called).

But it was the section entitled 'Law' that really caught Tulkinghorn's eye. The first sentence says: “The traditional Italian 'disrespect' for the law does not arise from any dislike of the law as a concept, but rather from an intolerance of authority.”

Perhaps Clifford Chance management should take note – it might help them hang on to their lawyers in Italy.