Not interfering with the jury

Tulkinghorn would like to convey his sympathies to Swansea's rugged six-foot barrister Dyfed Thomas this week.

Tulkinghorn has often found himself to be the object of desire among the women that cross his professional path, and it seems that Thomas is facing the same plight. In a story that sounds as if it were plucked straight out of Ally McBeal, a passionate juror was thrown out of Swansea Crown Court on Valentine's Day after taking a fancy to Thomas during a fraud trial.

The foxy brunette slipped her business card to the prosecuting barrister with a note asking him to meet her for a drink afterwards. But rather than taking her up on a Valentine's Day tryst, the 38-year-old bachelor did the honourable thing and told Judge Catherine O'Leary what had happened.

The case was halted and the juror was ordered to leave the court. The remaining jurors agreed to carry on with the case. Thomas seems to have been more worried about what his mum would think than anything else. “I'm so embarrassed. My mum will fill up when she hears,” he said.