Mears & Sayer in shock split

A rift has opened up between the former Law Society presidential team of Martin Mears and Robert Sayer, and it looks increasingly likely that the former comrades-in-arms will stand against each other in the 1997 election.

Just days ago Mears was confirming that he would stand as Sayer's vice president in the July elections. However, The Lawyer has learnt of a split between the two men, apparently fuelled by Sayer's supporters who want Solicitors Association president Anthony Bogan to stand as vice president and not Mears.

Mears refused to comment on suggestions that he may go it alone. “I reserve my position,” he said. “I cannot respond to every rumour and bit of gossip.”

Sayer has refused to confirm who his running mates will be.

The rift between the two, who have repeatedly attacked the Law Society, has come as a surprise. Just recently Mears had said: “We regard ourselves as an equal team.”

Sayer will test the level of his support within the Law Society council when he stands against the society's practice development committee chair Robin ap Cynan for the post of deputy treasurer next month.