Litigation Personal Injury 25/02/97

Burton v Chaussures Ravel – QB 10 February 1997

Claimant: Valerie Burton, 5Incident: Chemical injury

Injuries: Claimant admitted to hospital for emergency heart treatment as result of exposure to aerosol adhesive spray while she was working as shoe shop window-dresser. Agreed damages included element of compensation for 'profound shock' suffered as result of claimant's fear of hospitals. She alleged cause of her illness was exposure to a spray which contained trichlorethane and butane. Cans were marked with health warning. She was ultimately medically retired from her job

Award: £50,000 agreed

Judge: Robert Jackson QC

Counsel for plaintiff: Tracy Forster

Solicitors for plaintiff: Howard Thomas & Petrou, Tulse Hill

Sayer v Suffolk Health Authority & anr – QB 11 February 1997

Claimant: Michelle Sayer, 30

Incident: Fall at work coupled with medical negligence

Injuries: Claimant, a mother of two, fell at delicatessen where she worked. Later treated at

Ipswich Hospital but judge said doctors had wrongly taken 'conservative approach' to injuries rather than operating immediately. Result was that claimant's left leg ultimately had to be amputated above knee. Judge rejected claims that limb was already doomed due to congenital deformity and said he was satisfied that on balance of probabilities operation could have saved it. Prior to accident claimant could play sports such as badminton and carry on relatively active life and could walk up to ten miles with no appreciable difficulty.

Award: £215,650

Judge: Mr Justice Collins

Counsel for plaintiff: R Lynagh QC

Solicitors for plaintiff: Prettys, Ipswich

Pollard v Spousal (Midlands), – QB 13 February 1997

Claimant: Carol Pollard, 48 years and Claire Pollard, 14

Incident: Claim over death of husband from asbestosis

Injuries: David Pollard, died aged 54 from mesothelioma brought on by exposure to asbestos while he worked as pipe lagger on installations, including power stations and hospitals, between 1958 and 1960.

Award: £215,000 agreed

Judge: Judge Bathurst Norman

Counsel for plaintiff: John Holt

Solicitors for plaintiff: Merricks of Chelmsford