Conference will hear plans to halt fall in conveyancing fees

CONCRETE proposals to end the downward spiral of fees for conveyancers will be unveiled at a conference on solicitors' property centres, according to the solicitor organising it.

Michael Garson, a partner at Richmond firm Philip Hodges & Co, is expecting around 70 solicitors to attend the Defending the Residential Conveyancing Market conference, which is being held at Richmond Hotel on Tuesday.

Delegates will discuss how to counter the threat posed by estate agents Hambros which is opening an in-house conveyancing service in the spring.

The Law Society will be strongly represented at the conference. John Jenkins, of the society's Research & Policy Unit, will discuss market trends and one-stop shopping.

Law Society council members Robert Sayer and Anthony Bogan will also address the delegates. “I think it is important to let the society have its say on the basis that it will also hear the anger of the profession,” said Garson.

One option which is to be discussed is the establishment of a solicitors' property centre under existing Law Society regulations.