Slaughters' profits bonanza

The two captive UK law firms of Pricewaterhouse Coopers are to be merged on 1 October to form a single 100-lawyer firm named Arnheim Tite & Lewis.

According to an internal announcement at PwC, Chris Tite of Coopers & Lybrand's law firm Tite & Lewis will be managing partner while his colleague Mark Lewis will be joint senior partner alongside Chris Arnheim of Price Waterhouse's Arnheim & Co.

Arnheim, who is a former partner at Hammond Suddards, will step down from managing the UK firm and instead will become the Europe-wide head of legal products and services.

His role is likely to involve getting the dozens of separate affiliated law firms in Europe singing from the same hymn sheet by co-ordinating their marketing and ensuring they refer work to each other.

Although Price Waterhouse's former European legal head Paul Downing will now report to PwC's global legal head, French lawyer Gerard Nicolay, he will still have a role acquiring and building law firms for the firm around Europe.