A&O’s version of ‘marketing’

Allen & Overy‘s Italian arm appears to have resorted to subliminal (or should that be barefaced and blatant) messaging in order to attract much-needed lateral hires. Either that, or the firm is angling to become a key competitor to Tesco Law.

On a recent trip to the home of pizza, pasta and vino, Tulkinghorn was taken aback when noticing a supermarket adorned with what can only be described as a massive, red, glowing A&O sign. Closer inspection was required to ensure it wasn’t too much vino causing the apparition. (Finding that this A&O supermarket happened to sell more vino was an unexpected, but most welcome, bonus.)

Given the management difficulties and raft of defections that have plagued A&O’s Italian operation in recent years, the firm cannot be blamed for resorting to more unusual recruitment tactics.

But it is questionable whether a supermarket in rural Forli (apparently part of Bologna, which is an hour’s drive away, according to Ryanair) is the best location to find a new projects heavyweight, banking star or corporate team. Good spaghetti though.