Barclaycard legal head quits

Barclaycard is appointing a new director of legal and public affairs after the last one quit to join a leading rival.

Rachel Harris replaces Donna Pumphrey, who is going to MBNA International Bank to head its legal department.

Harris previously worked as an in-house counsel in the Barclays group general counsel's office, which she joined in 1995. Before that she was a trainee solicitor and then a banking assistant at Allen & Overy.

She says: “I had a great grounding in banking law at A&O. The speed and quality of delivery is fantastic there.

“I don't know why she [Pumphrey] left. She had a different skills set. She did not have much training in cross- borders.

“In the group general counsel's office I was very much a generalist – e-commerce, corporate finance, and I did the BZW sale in 1997.”

Barclays sold the equity and corporate finance divisions of BZW, one of its investment banking arms, to merchant banks Credit Suisse First Boston and ABN Amro.

Harris adds: “Barclaycard's main projects at the moment are expanding into Europe and e-commerce delivery.”

Pumphrey was unavailable for comment.