Good lovin'

Romantic liaisons between barristers and their clerks have traditionally been a major no no in chambers. Bad for reputation, bad for morale, bad for ethical standards, and certainly bad when it comes to perceptions of favouritism. In the past such a tryst has commonly led to expulsion.
So how refreshing it is to see that Taunton's ADR Chambers, far from frowning on the marriage of its senior clerk Martin Davies to tenant Penny Ireland, has positively embraced it as one would ordinarily such a momentous occasion. Any concerns clients may have had have been alleviated by a courtesy call from the set vowing that the bonding will not lead to any compromised situations.
Interestingly, the happy couple announced their engagement in July 2001 at another set, Wessex Chambers in Reading. The response there, however, was pack your bags and leave posthaste.