MSF launches global voice telecoms link for law firms

Alison Laferla reports

MFS Communications has launched a telecommunications package for London law firms.

MFS Law Exchange uses fibre optics to connect London offices to key business centres such as New York, Paris and Tokyo, at a competitive rate.

Under the deal, which covers voice communication, users get a volume discount based on the spend of all the Law Exchange users, a free local minute for every international minute spent on the network, free connection to the service, and an extended local call area within a 60km radius around London.

Examples of prices include just under 11p a minute to New York and 35p a minute to Tokyo. It will compete with Mercury's LegalNet, which links 11 City law firms by a private network and also offers competitive telephone rates.

Alistair Popham, business relationship manager, said law firms had been slow to catch on to developments in telecommunications. "We have put together some aggressive prices which can give a firm a competitive edge. We can also cope with high bandwidth applications such as image scanning."