Cordless option to increase mobility

Alison Laferla reports

Morgan Lovell, a workplace specialist, has opened the first cordless office in the City.

The company predicts that the office as we know it will disappear and workers in knowledge-based services, such as lawyers, will be mobile or place-independent.

Workers in the cordless office communicate through cordless telephones and local area networks that operate by infra-red and radio waves, so eliminating security problems.

Morgan Lovell says that the cordless office breaks the bond between user and desk. It allows workers to choose how and where they work. For example, meetings are conducted using multimedia workstations such as the peer-to-peer pod. It is designed to keep workers standing, which is said to make them more efficient.

Marketing manager Kevin Hewitt said that as well as being cheaper to install and develop than a conventional office, the cordless office offers great flexibility.

"Cordless technology can help by making lawyers more accessible and by allowing them to tailor their workplace."