Not so naughty Nulty

The most popular (by number of hits) story of today is news of Andrew Nulty’s escape from the long arm of the law.

Andrew Who?

For those who really haven’t been paying enough attention, Andrew Nulty was dubbed the UK’s richest lawyer after reaping a whopping £13m profit share from his Warrington-based firm Avalon Solicitors.

The firm has plundered the lion’s share of its fees from the controversial miners’ compensation scheme, which has caused Nulty and friends to come under close scrutiny from the Law Society.

Nulty’s riches have pushed him into the limelight to such a degree that his colourful past has been looked at in quite some detail. The best rumour was that he presented late-night 90s pop show The Hitman and Her. A rumour that was, unfortunately, false.

He did, however, present a kiddies’ TV show. Any idea which one? Send your answers to the address below. The winner gets a tube of Smarties.