Injunction against Channel 4 thrown out

Claimant Noel Martin instructed Hardwicke’s Mark Engelman directly on the injunction against Channel 4, Century Films and ­director Estephan Wagner to prevent them from airing a documentary about his life.

In handing down his judgment, Mr Justice Eady said he could see “no good reason” for the claimant not to have issued formal ­proceedings.

Martin appeared to have made undertakings with regard to damages, but Eady J said this could only be considered a draft application.

His ruling read: “It’s quite apparent from the (draft) order […] that its draftsman was only too aware that ­proceedings should be issued ‘as soon as practicable’. This is no doubt how the undertaking came to be included in the schedule.”

Eady J noted that Channel 4 had agreed not to air the film and offered to edit scenes that offended the client, albeit without conceding that Martin should be given editorial control.

Martin was subjected to a racist attack by neo-Nazis in Germany in 1996 that left him quadriplegic and dependent on round-the-clock carers.

Charles Russell partner Duncan Lamont instructed 5 Raymond Buildings’ Jacob Dean for the defendants.