Who pays for propaganda?

I have recently received SIF In Focus for November 1998. My partners and I are astonished to see this crude propaganda campaign.

Please would you explain to me at, whose cost this material is prepared, printed and published. Is this a charge to the Solicitors Indemnity Fund (SIF)? If so, how can this cost be justified in light of SIF's massive shortfall/miscalculation and why is it permitted?

At a time when SIF's credibility is non-existent and its prestige has never been lower, does it seriously believe this will, in some way, raise its standing within the profession?

SIF has seriously misread the mood of the profession if it believes that this ill-conceived publication will do anything other than inflame the opinion of that substantial part of the profession, which sees SIF's very existence as an affront to commercial common sense.

Hugh Williams, partner, Williams Davies Meltzer, Fleet Street, London.