One Essex Court makes fifth new signing in four months

Top commercial set One Essex Court has hired banking specialist David Wolfson from 3 Verulam Buildings.

In yet another example of the increasingly popular "big is beautiful" policy at the Bar, Wolfson becomes the fifth new signing at One Essex Court in only four months.

He brings the number of tenants at One Essex Court to 59, with further expansion planned. One Essex Court offers a full range of services to the financial sector, with one third of its tenants now specialising in banking.

Two recent recruits, Hannah Brown and Michael Sullivan, who joined from the now dissolved 5 Bell Yard, are spearheading a new area of business at the set – aviation.

Although sad to see Wolfson go, John Jarvis QC, deputy head of chambers at 3 Verulam Buildings, said he was unconcerned.

He said this was simply further evidence of "the enormous mobility at the Bar".

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