Litigation Disciplinary Tribunals 24/3/98

David Alan Barrowclough, 30, admitted 1994, practising at material time on own account as Collinson Barrowclough & Co, struck off and ordered to pay costs. Allegations substantiated he drew money out of client account other than permitted, failed to pay clients funds into client account, rendered false and misleading account to executor and beneficiary, used money received from Legal Aid Board for own purposes, had been convicted of dishonesty and sentenced to imprisonment. Tribunal noted his inexperience and the burden of being sole principal, but said his behaviour would not be tolerated.

Lewis Leon Ruskin, 48, admitted 1963, practising at material time in partnership on own account as Ruskin, struck off and ordered to pay costs of £6,769. Allegation substantiated that he failed to keep accounts properly written up, drew money from client account other than permitted, utilised funds for his own purposes and had been convicted of offences of dishonesty. On 25 July 1997 he had been convicted of false accounting, theft and making a false instrument. Tribunal said it was a case of misconduct which was unacceptable.

Michael Hugh Greet, 49, admitted 1976, practising at material time on own account as MH Greet & Co, fined £4,000 and ordered to pay £960 costs. Allegation substantiated he had failed to comply with decision of Solicitors Complaints Bureau Conduct Committee, which rebuked him in June 1996 for having transferred money from estate of client's late mother without authority and expected him to remit the sum plus interest within 28 days. An appeal by Greet was dismissed and he sent cheque for £1,679 in January 1997 and in May 1997 sent cheque for accrued interest. Tribunal noted that he had appeared before them in June 1994 and was fined for failure to keep properly written up accounts. Tribunal considered his demands for an adjournment reflected an attitude which was inappropriate.