Brixton firm writes Caribbean law guide

A LONDON firm of solicitors has researched and written a book on family life and law in the Caribbean, aimed at overcoming ignorance in the UK of family law and life in the islands.

The book, published by Brixton family law firm Hornby Ackroyd & Levy, is an up-to-date survey of family law and organisations in Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago. It is called The Caribbean Children’s Law Project.

It includes a list of contacts for Caribbean social services and lawyers, as well as information on cultural attitudes towards the family and the legal services within the islands.

The authors include four solicitors at the firm, which often deals with cases where a child’s relatives reside in the Caribbean.

The book was the brainchild of senior partner Simonetta Hornby, who believes UK legal and social services professionals do not know enough about Caribbean family life.

It covers a number of areas: children’s rights; parental responsibility; social services; maintenance provisions; citizenship and immigration; public law provisions; education and health; legal aid; court procedure; and adoption.

Principal Registry Family Division district judge, Isabel Plumstead, said she expected she would “increasingly be referred to this work”.