Relations shit

One hopes that a certain London-based construction and property specialist firm provides better training to its incoming lawyers than it does its new public relations (PR) staff. One PR newbie in particular contacted The Lawyer's office last week to find out who she should send a press release to. A fair request, one would have to concede, and at least she knew the name of the firm she was working for.

Unfortunately, when pressed for further details about the firm and on the nature of the release, so that it could be properly directed, any

resemblance the phonecall had to being a useful act came abruptly to a halt. Tulkinghorn's underling could not be properly advised about the size of the firm or the nature of its areas of practice. If pushed, you might concede that if it's a new client or a new PR then fine, because at least she would know what was in the press release. That at least would show some value. Sadly, no. Tulkinghorn hopes the young lady will find some solace in the fact that some column inches have been generated for the firm, but would like to remind her that the press release has still not arrived.