Stand up and be counted

The Law Society elections will give members the opportunity to decide on many matters of immediate and vital concern to lawyers.

The profession needs to know where the candidates stand on:

separation of functions;

the future of the Solicitors Indemnity Fund and contributions to it;

the Regis project;

minimum salary for trainees;

the future of the Law Society and the Office for the Supervision of Solicitors;

controlling expenditure at the Law Society.

Robert Sayer, in my opinion, has grasped the nettle on all these matters and I, therefore, propose to give him my full support. He appears to be the only candidate with any vision.

So far as the other candidates are concerned, we need to know exactly where they stand on the issues referred to above before members can make up their minds. Otherwise 92 per cent of members will continue to view the Law Society as unfriendly, unhelpful, poor at promoting and representing the profession and not prepared to listen to their views – as was indicated in the recent survey.

Alex Alagappa

Chairman of the British Legal Association.