OSS revamp ousts policy head

The head of policy at the Office of the Supervision of Solicitors (OSS) has been made redundant in a reshuffle designed to give more hands-on policy control to its director Peter Ross.

Suzanne Phillips is still within the contractual month-long consultation period with the Law Society, but Christina Heidensohn, the other policy unit member and research liaison manager, has been offered an alternative position.

At the same time, Redditch-based controller of administration John Clane has been moved to the OSS as deputy director of operations, and Martin O'Reilly, formerly deputy director, has been moved sideways to become deputy director of case work.

Law Society spokeswoman Barbara Cahalane said giving Ross two deputies instead of one freed him up to devote more time to strategic development, which, therefore, made Phillips' post redundant.

Phillips is the third senior Law Society official to be made redundant since Jane Betts became Secretary General last August.

Jane Hern left in September and Geoffrey Bignall followed in November.