Ashursts shows off great figures

Ashurst Morris Crisp has turned in a sound set of figures for its last
financial year.

Revenue is up by 19 per cent to £155m and profits per partner have increased by a more modest 10 per cent, to average out at £600,000. Partners at the top of the lockstep ladder can expect to earn £800,000, while those on the bottom rung will have to be content with £320,000.
Managing partner Justin Spendlove said: “These strong results are due to the considerable efforts of all members of the firm.”
The results were not broken down for practice area or office, but
international finance made a strong showing with a proportionately higher growth rate than other practices. In terms of international turnover spread, the Frankfurt office has led the way, displaying the highest revenue rise.
Spendlove said: “Over the past 12 months, we've continued to develop our practice in Europe – most notably our litigation practice in Germany and our tax practice in Italy and France.”