The winds of law

In October, The Lawyer journalist Brendan Malkin heads off to Patagonia in South America for a two-week trek across its windswept plains and frozen glaciers.

His objective is not just to meet lots of Welsh people (its plains are full of them) or to follow in the footsteps of the great Bruce Chatwin, who in 1989 published an award-winning travel book on the region. It’s also not just to feel Patagonia’s winds, which in some places are the strongest on Earth.

No, the trek is to raise thousands of pounds for cancer. At least £3,500 has to be raised, although Malkin hopes to go well beyond that. Cancer Research UK, which is organising the trip, expects 80 per cent of the £3,500 to be raised 10 weeks prior to the launch date on 8 October. A few law firms have already kindly promised to donate some money, but a lot more is needed. If anyone wishes to donate (all the money will go to the charity – Malkin is paying for all travel, accommodation and food himself) or has further questions, then please notify him by email at, or call him on 020 7970 4641.