Meditation’s what you need

Tulkinghorn has discovered that one of the many projects Slaughter and May competition star and lifestyle guru Laura Carstensen intends to fill her days with after retiring from the firm is a yoga supplies business, which the more spiritually-minded of you can find online at

For those who want to turn on, tune in and drop out, Carstensen’s website offers superior sticky yoga mats which promise super absorbancy (sic), perhaps providing an opportunity for Carstensen to practise her well-honed proofing skills in her new backyard.

Aside from that, Tulkinghorn’s favourite items would have to
be the Tibetan incense and meditation timers. The timers in particular are definitely aimed at the busy executive rather than the net-savvy Indian sadhu.

Not only are they “shaped to the proportions of the Kheops pyramid – vibrating energy and stability”, but when your 10-minute meditation time is up and you have to rush back to close that deal, they “chime to the serene sound of the Tibetan ‘singing bowl’”.

Mrs Tulkinghorn, though, who has recently taken up yoga, will surely want a yoga mat carrier. The good lady has always had an eye for a bargain and the carriers are a snip at £9.95 – less than a fifth of the designer versions you can get in Selfridges.