Lawyers in the frame

A secretary of a law firm in the Netherlands has discovered how to handle working with lawyers: write a comic all about them.

Esther Keijnemans spent nine months putting together comic Hamerink & Van Boordt, which are the names of the characters in the comic. They are based on the working lives of Keijnemans’ former bosses, partners Erik Klinkhamer and Haco van Oordt, at Dutch maritime firm AKD Prinsen van Wijmen.

According to a press release from the comic’s publishers, the partners are not disgruntled that Keijnemans spent hours secretly observing their various habits when she should have been stapling A4 paper.

However, it ought to be noted that Keijnemans is their former secretary.

It appears to be an imaginative effort. The comic is split into 26 episodes; each episode relates to a letter in the alphabet which is in turn associated with a particular theme. For instance, ‘C’ is for ‘casual Friday’, in which, according to the press statement, “Hamerink is decked out as a yob and Van Boordt as a punk, while their unnamed secretary is dressed in a ball gown”.

Also, every other page is in black and white. This, says Keijnemans, symbolises the general perception that lawyering life is dull as ditchwater, whereas in reality it is… er… hugely fun and exciting – hence the comic.

How right she is. So exciting, in fact, that an opera should at least be written on something that is hugely interesting but which is popularly thought to be boring as hell, such as bilateral investment treaties or accelerated takeover bids.

Dull? Not on your nelly.