Winning combinations


and Kilpatrick Stockton shared the spoils of this year’s The Lawyer Cup at The Michelob Ultra London Triathlon, claiming five of the top six places between them. Their hegemony was broken only by that well-known law firm Bozzy’s Giants – Tulkinghorn would love to know who you really are.

This year’s event was the world’s largest-ever triathlon, with more than 6,500 people competing. In the main event, last minute entry Andrea Whitcombe won the women’s event in 1 hour, 59 minutes and 12 seconds, with Bevan Docherty, New Zealand Olympic Team member and World Champion, winning the men’s event in 1 hour, 46 minutes and 18 seconds.

Dechert’s second team stole top honours in The Lawyer Cup in an impressive 2 hours and 27 mins, nearly three minutes ahead of the first of Kilpatrick’s three teams, which were separated only by Bozzy’s Giants’ third-place finish. Dechert’s first team completed the top six finishes.

In the – admittedly much easier – sprint cup, Outer Temple Chambers (which will be making its debut in next month’s ‘The Bar Top 30’, part of The Lawyer UK 100 Annual Report) dominated the field. Five of its teams finished in the top nine, including the overall winners in 1 hour and 13 minutes. Darbys criminal team took second place with another Outer Temple crew in third.

Tulkinghorn would like to congratulate all those who took part, while Mrs Tulkinghorn commented that you are simply all totally barmy.
“What’s wrong with watching the Olympics?” she quite reasonably remarked.