Reality bites

Reality television post Big Brother, Hell’s Kitchen and I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! has never been hotter. As tabloids fight for exclusive interviews with the latest batch of Big Brother housemates, it can be tempting to dream of the money they’re making and the glamour of their newfound, although usually minutes-long, fame.

So, Tulkinghorn was comforted to come accross a timely warning from regional firm Cobbetts about the dangers and pitfalls of reality TV. Cobbetts senior associate Anthony Robb-John offered useful pieces of advice for those considering auditioning for a reality TV show. For instance, should you be considering applying to be a contestant on next year’s Big Brother, remember that “fame and fortune may not await at the end of the show”. Apparently, “the grim truth is that very few of us have any talent that anyone else wants to see on TV”. Splendid stuff.

But don’t be fooled that Cobbetts is giving the advice out of the goodness of its heart. Robb-John concludes: “And if you do get a contract, get it looked at by a media lawyer and an accountant so you can maximise the profits and manage the downside. And lastly, where there’s money there’s tax to pay – your advisers will manage all this for you.”

Who said it was just the contestants getting rich from reality TV?