Lucent general counsel quits for FMO

Lucent Technologies’ European general counsel Joost Wiebenga has quit after almost 28 years at the networking company.

Wiebenga has been managing counsel for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), a position that expanded to include Asia Pacific and China, since Lucent’s formation in 1996. Wiebenga is leaving the company at the end of the month.

He is leaving to join Netherlands development bank FMO as general counsel. FMO is one of the world’s largest bilateral development banks that supports businesses and financial institutions in developing countries with capital and knowhow.

During Wiebenga’s time at Lucent, he led a team of lawyers in 12 countries, providing the company with a full range of legal services, including commercial transactions, litigation, corporate governance and compliance.

Wiebenga also served as the EMEA senior leadership council, the professional responsibility committee and the corporate social responsibility committee at Lucent.

Lucent has not appointed a replacement for Wiebenga and it remains unclear how his departure will impact on the structure of the company’s legal department.

Lucent declined to comment. Wiebenga was unavailable for comment.