We refer to the article ‘Animal activists seek to exploit weaknesses in BOC injunction’, that appeared in the 16 August 2004 edition of The Lawyer.

In fact, contrary to the analysis undertaken by the ‘Student Urban Lawyers Collective’, BOC’s injunction applies to all BOC sites, and, indeed, to any other location, including the homes of directors and employees. The injunction prohibits certain conduct by protestors, and is not restricted to any particular place.

As an additional protection, BOC has exclusion zones in place at 12 of its sites. These prevent protestors from entering within the zones, unless they comply with certain controls (eg advance notice to the police etc). But the fact that exclusion zones are in place only at certain sites does not in any way diminish the protection of the injunction elsewhere.

More generally, we welcome The Lawyer’s discussion of these issues. BOC has never sought to interfere with the legitimate right to protest peacefully.

However, the injunction was necessary to protect BOC’s employees, some of whom, regrettably, have been subjected to threats, intimidation and criminal acts.
The BOC Group

In relation to the same story, the law firm Lawson-Cruttenden & Co has asked us to clarify that it has never acted for BOC, and it had no part in obtaining the injunction.