Dorsey takes on Revenue for multinationals

Dorsey & Whitney is leading the multibillion-pound fight against the Inland Revenue in a series of group litigation orders challenging the UK’s tax rules.

Simon Whitehead is heading the team at US firm Dorsey, the lead adviser on a number of the orders. The claimants include some of the world’s largest corporations and Dorsey’s clients include companies such as Ford, PepsiCo and Vivendi Universal.

Reynolds Porter Chamberlain is also acting for a number of the claimants. The High Court also recently granted an order in respect of pension funds, led by McGrigors tax litigation partner Mark Whitehouse.

The orders refer to a case in 2000 in the European Court of Justice in which German engineering company Hoechst successfully claimed that the Inland Revenue was discriminating against non-UK corporations.

In the claims going through the UK courts, a number of large multinationals are attempting to recover tax paid to the Inland Revenue before they were able to transfer UK profits to foreign-registered parent companies.

Recently, the Inland Revenue won the right to appeal to the House of Lords, following its defeat in the Court of Appeal in May.