A proud moment

This week’s award for ‘feisty press release of the week’ goes to Hampshire firm White and Bowker. The South Coast outfit recently won a beauty parade to provide legal services to Salisbury District Council, so we’re told. Pretty good news, we’re sure you’ll agree.
Equally impressive was the fact that the White and Bowker team overcame “tough competition from 40 rival firms, including…” wait for it… “one who flew three people down from Newcastle” (Dickie Dees, anybody?).

Despite this commitment from our friends in the North, Salisbury’s legal services chose the local boys because they “liked their enthusiasm and felt that they could work with us”. Absolutely.
They’re obviously chuffed enough to shout about it. Despite such fulsome praise, the firm’s chairman put their client win down to far more prosaic virtues. “We have a comprehensive legal library, both on paper and electronically,” he said. Hats off. The boys done good.