FHM fame and fortune floozy

Well, well, well. Which is the cooooolest law firm in the world, ever? Tulkinghorn feels that this is basically a contradiction in terms, but if pushed maybe it should be Clifford Chance or SJ Berwin?

But no, it is actually Shoosmiths. Why? It is the only firm that Tulkinghorn knows of that is worthy of a mention in trendy lad's mag FHM. Ok, so it is sponsoring the award for best overall retailer of the year but still, a mention is a mention.

So what new market is the firm eyeing up? Well, according to the blurb accompanying the awards: "Shoosmiths is widely recognised as one of the most innovative and progressive top-20 law firms in the UK. It's also the first legal port of call for those in the retail industry."

That settles it then. After all, the firm would have to be pretty progressive to leap from its ranking of 37 in The Lawyer's Top 100 Survey and into the top 20.