Rock steady crew

Rock steady crewWhile DLA Piper is riding out the credit crunch in Wembley Stadium, the firm’s nemesis, Eversheds, is getting its partners to make the music.

The above pictures, snapped by one of Tulkinghorn’s moles, show various Eversheds litigation lawyers in the latter stages of refreshment during a karaoke session at a litigation conference.

Tulkinghorn notes that they must have music flowing through their veins. One look at Nick Valner in full rock god pose (top) is enough to confirm his passion. The bottom-most picture, meanwhile, is rather deceptive. It may look as though partners John Heaps, Brian Hughes and Ian Gray have taken to the stage with swollen heads, but closer inspection reveals them to be masks worn by a group of young Eversheds lawyers. Which is a whole lot weirder.

Tulkinghorn thinks it best not to even comment on the middle picture, except to say that it was taken during a particularly raucous rendition of the Village People’s 1979 smash hit YMCA.