Madge about the girl…

The sweet sound of good brandy splashing into a crystal glass is music enough to Tulkinghorn’s ears, but the managing partners of the UK’s biggest firms demand something a little louder. And clad in leather. Madonna, to be precise.

DLA Piper’s Nigel Knowles recently ­entertained a few of ­Tulkinghorn’s scribes at Wembley Stadium, and was seen boogieing away to the Material Girl and marvelling at her fantastic hits. But Tulkinghorn is ­reliably informed that Knowles took an early bath, leaving shortly before Her Madgeness’ closing ­number.

Tulkinghorn’s energetic scribes continued the ­celebrations in the ­corporate hospitality bar, where they bumped into none other than Slaughter and May managing ­partner Chris Saul. He was still partying when others were flagging and was last seen heading excitedly to the dancefloor.