LG in redundancy talks with 21 staff

LG in redundancy talks with 21 staffLG has entered into a redundancy consultation with 21 support staff, with the firm blaming “overcapacity” rather than wider market conditions.

Nine secretaries are being consulted in the real estate department, together with eight evening telephone receptionists and four other secretaries.

A spokesperson at the firm told The Lawyer that four of the secretaries would be absorbed in positions being held open outside of real estate.

It is understood that the redundancies are not directly related to wider market conditions. “The redundancies are due to a change in business practices over time, which have been managed elsewhere in the firm through natural turnover,” said the spokesperson.

Head of real estate Rabinder Chaggar (pictured) told The Lawyer: “There are no proposals to make any of the real estate fee-earners redundant.”

However, he said that the downturn means “there will be a more constant review of the business. We will have to be more competitive on pricing and partners will have to be more proactive.”

Real estate is an important part of LG, accounting for 27 per cent of last year’s £18.23 turnover. Key clients include La Salle Investment Management, Legal & General, Sainsbury’s and Whitbread.