Commercial & chancery

Commercial & chanceryThe Commercial and Chancery arena is in for a busy new term, with two of the biggest cases for this year starting in the courts – the Buncefield litigation and Tajik Aluminium.

Meanwhile, the British legal contingent is also busy offshore as it hopes to put an end to one of the world’s longest-running cases, which started back in 1941. The first feature in this Commercial and Chancery special report examines the background behind this case, known generally as Re Jahre.

The second feature argues the benefits of merging the Commercial and Chancery Courts once the new Rolls Building is launched. Tied in with this is the report’s third feature, which argues the opposite view – that merging the courts is no way to deal withs claims that there is a cash crisis in the justice system.

Finally, the fourth report proposes that alternative dispute resolution could be the solution to the system’s £90m shortfall.

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